Students’ Electronic Scientific Journal of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

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(Based on materials of Purdue  Owl  and  Elsevier )

General Overview

Journal of Young Researchers publishes scientific articles prepared by one or several student authors. Submitted manuscript should be based on theoriginal research, therefore compilation works are not accepted. Submitted article or its substantial part should not be published or submitted for publishing elsewhere beforehand. In case of plagiarism, the work will be automatically disqualified and the journal will never accept other texts authored by this person.

Submitted manuscript should be modelled on the IMRAD (Introduction,Methods, Results, Discussion) format. Journal will consider a manuscript for publishing not longer than 6000 words in length.

Articles undergo anonymous external review. The reviewers are social scientists working at different Georgian and foreign universities outside of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, whose competence and academic interests coincide with the content of the manuscript.


The manuscripts should be prepared in Georgian or English and formatted according to the APA style (see details below). The text should include bilingual (Georgian and English) abstract consisting of 150-200 words and four or five keywords which describe the topic of the research. If there are two or more authors, the text should indicate corresponding author.

The authors should submit a Microsoft Word file (with .doc extension). The filename should be the authors surname, e.g. sichinava.doc or in case of co-authorship, sichinava_et_all.doc. The document should be typeset using Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 space with page margins of 1 inch.

The title page of the manuscript includes the name of the text, contact details and affiliation of the authors as well as submission date. In English language manuscript title should be capitalize. There is no need of using strong or emphasized text.

Abstract-The text should incorporate Georgian and English language abstract which are no longer than 150-200 words. The abstract should quickly summarize the objectives of the research, main results and outcomes. If it is not absolutely necessary, please do not use citation.

Keywords – Abstracts incorporate four or five keywords describing the topic of the article and utilized theoretical concepts. Please do not use abbreviations and vague terms.

Introduction – Usually, this part shortly summarizes theoretical concepts and works relevant to the manuscript and states research questions and strategies.

Literature review- In this section, the author should analyze relevant literature. The journal especially welcomes those manuscripts which incorporate critical assessment of the theoretical framework and elaborate right background for the empirical part.

Methodology–In the methodology section the author should clearly explain research methodology. The readers should be convinced that employed methods are relevant for answering the research questions.

Results/Discussion–In these sections the authors should present the results of data analysis. The conclusions should be based on the empirical data and backed by the theoretical framework.

Language – It is required that submitted manuscripts should be written in a clear language, free of grammar and linguistic errors. In case of English texts, the authors should use either British or American style but never – the mix of the two. Grammar errors in the manuscript will not be tolerated.

Citation and bibliography – Submitted manuscripts should be prepared in accordance with APA standards. The authors should use either Microsoft Word’s bibliography tool or reference management software (e.g. Zotero,RefMan, Endnote, JabRef). There are several examples of citation. Please refer to the ‘Publication manual of the American psychological association’ for the detailed guidelines.


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Tables, charts and other visualization:If the author uses visual materials, the items should be numbered (e. g. Table 1, Figure 2, Image 3) and have reference in the main body of the text. The authors should not directly copy the tables from the statistical software, but prepare it according to APA standards (see figure 1). Visual materials should be prepared in accordance with APA guidelines (For more information, consult withthe corresponding page on PurdueOWL[1]).


                                                                            Figure 1 (Source: Purdue OWL)

Formatting of sections and lists: Section titles and lists should be formatted according to APA style. First level headings should be capitalized and centered, second level headings – capitalized and left-aligned, third level headings – capitalized and left aligned followed by period. What refers to the lists, if there is a hierarchy, list items should be numbered, otherwise bullet-points should be employed.


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Annex 1:Title page of the article


David Sichinava, Ph.D. candidate

Department of Human Geography, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Tbilisi State University

February 20, 2015


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